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Holiday Cuckolding

What’s better after turkey than holiday cuckolding?

Holiday Cuckolding!

You just had a huge amount of turkey and are feeling really full.  It’s definitely time to work off some of those extra calories.  It is time to go to the gym and start searching for the new man that will be your wild . . . → Read More: Holiday Cuckolding

Cuckold Reasons

Why would you cuckold your husband?

Cuckold your husband!

Reason #1 to have multiple lovers.

You have a huge sex drive and your husband cannot satisfy you to the extent that is needed.  I personally fit into this category.  Obviously, I have a huge sex drive or I wouldn’t get off guys for a . . . → Read More: Cuckold Reasons

Cuckold private gloryhole for birthday!

Cuckold Cindy gets a private glory hole for her birthday!

It was Cindy’s birthday, not her actual birthday, per se, but her cuckold birthday. It had been six years since she had become a cuckie. She practiced sucking on her dildo religiously and enjoyed it immensely. Her girlfriend of eight years had a special . . . → Read More: Cuckold private gloryhole for birthday!

Cuckoldress Simone plays on vacation

I am a cuckoldress that loves beautiful black men.

As you know, I went out to California for the first time this last week.  It was glorious.   The first day out and about in San Francisco, we went to a casual cafe.  I asked some questions about the menu, as it was on . . . → Read More: Cuckoldress Simone plays on vacation

Real life Simone

Worship Me!

Hear Me Read it!

I absolutely love to tell stories.  In My personal life, I love reading fiction, though, at the moment I am reading fantasy horror.   I am trying my hand with a little of Peter Cline.   I love authors and their art form.  Writing stirs my imagination . . . → Read More: Real life Simone