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whipped yogurt cum eating

Make cum eating fun with whipped yogurt!

Eat your Whipped Cum Yogurt!

Recently, I have started eating whipped yogurt and have found it to be absolutely  delightful.  So, why not take the things that I love and combine them?   I love to see you eat your cum for me.  You love to . . . → Read More: whipped yogurt cum eating

Strap on Orgy

Being behind Jessica was more than hot for Me.  I felt her wet little tongue as it swept across My neck.   She nibbled My neck while she pegged twitchy.   She was such a willing girl.   Both of them were willing and able submissives in My book.  Jessica raised up twitchy’s cute . . . → Read More: Strap on Orgy

Desiring to suck cock

Do you sometimes wish you had a cock in your mouth?

You are standing in line at the grocery store and you notice a body builder.  Of course, you are straight.  You have a girlfriend or wife and have only been with women.   Though, you see this muscular guy in line buying protein . . . → Read More: Desiring to suck cock

Masturbate with peanut butter for Me

Are you a nasty boy?

So, I’m in a coffee shop right now and was having a little bit of a writer’s block.   Therefore, I turned to the very helpful bakery boy and asked him to give Me a topic to write about .   He said peanut butter.  OH Gods, how . . . → Read More: Masturbate with peanut butter for Me

Eating Cum Humiliation

Why are men afraid to their eat cum?

a. Afraid it means they are gay

b. Afraid it’s gross

c. Afraid it will turn them into a fairy.

Hmmmm, well I would say if you are afraid of the letters A, B, C then….Wait for it…You are gay.  Your . . . → Read More: Eating Cum Humiliation