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Tickle Torture the submissive

Why do people Love Tickle Torture?

I’m glad you asked :).   Torture by tickle can be excruciatingly painful to the tickle whore.  The first part of horror is being tied down.  Especially when the submissive knows their inevitable fate of the tickle.   I’ve had men begging to be flogged rather then tickled. . . . → Read More: Tickle Torture the submissive

Addicted to touching your cock

I see you touching it…XOXO Simone

So, I hear you are addicted to touching your cock?

You think about fondling it all day when you are at work don’t you?    You flip through the porn sites like some people flip through radio stations.   You are kinky as hell mentally at work.  You think . . . → Read More: Addicted to touching your cock

Make love to Mistress Simone

I lay in bed, the purple satin sheets rubbing against My naked body and I contemplate My favorite things.   I think about your beautiful body sliding along mine.  I think about how wonderful it is to have black out curtains to keep the evil world of the sun at bay.  Obviously, being a night . . . → Read More: Make love to Mistress Simone

Cocksucker’s Fairytale

Once upon a time in the wonderful land of sissy, there lived a beautiful girl named Patty.  She was a Princess on the inside as she loved to steal her sister’s red lipstick and bubble gum flavored  lip gloss.

Little Patty lived for the day that she would grow beautiful breasts and have . . . → Read More: Cocksucker’s Fairytale

Sexy Simone Switches

Roleplay is first and foremost My most beloved thing to do.  I love chasing you down with a strap on.  I love being your wife that goes out and pleases herself.  I love being the princess that never gets enough of torturing and teasing your dick. in the morning and all through out the . . . → Read More: Sexy Simone Switches