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Meredith’s Panty Auction

Have you always dreamed of owning a pair of my panties? Does the idea of owning something that has been rubbing right up against my sweet pussy make you all hot and bothered? The soft, sexy fabric gently molded to me all day…or all night long? Holding a pair of your Mistress panties . . . → Read More: Meredith’s Panty Auction

Simone soaked in Semen

Hear this Blog Now!

I woke the next morning feeling I had been busy all night.  I woke up drenched, and therefore decided it was a good thing to take a long shower.   My sense of smell seemed to be much more acute then I was accustomed to.  I could smell pancakes . . . → Read More: Simone soaked in Semen

Vegas Vegas Vegas

I want to thank all My sissy men and Alpha guys that have helped contribute with cum shots to My Vegas vacation!

 It took a lot of cum to get a trip to Vegas but here I am with My husband and My sissy.   I just spent My after noon with My hands . . . → Read More: Vegas Vegas Vegas

My indifference is your turn on

The Demon Simone is here to play with you…

I’m sorry, were you talking?   I was spending too much time ignoring you!

I know you think you are a very important person but for some reason I can’t get the Game of Thrones out of My head when you speak.   Of . . . → Read More: My indifference is your turn on

Ode to the Husband I Married

Dearest Husband, (I will let My readers be voyeurs tonight.)

start at My toes and work up

The rain falls softly on the window pane as you run your hand through My beautiful hair. You love My personal scent. I am always sweet and sexy to you and sometimes you watch Me as . . . → Read More: Ode to the Husband I Married