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A Caller Puts Gordon On His Knees

Yes, Gordon is a male Dom.  However, he also knows his place is at My feet.  About a week ago, I was speaking to a client and we were discussing My arrangement of men that I have at home.  He was asking about what it was like to be a Fem Dom over a male . . . → Read More: A Caller Puts Gordon On His Knees

Simone's sweetest pics

Hello boys…

You will find a new gallery of My pictures at:

I am very excited to have a gallery there and it will be there or your viewing pleasure while we are speaking to one another.  I will be on a . . . → Read More: Simone’s sweetest pics

Orgasm Denial Spell

I know how you sit there in your comfy chair fantasizing about cumming.  I understand that you are searching and aching for a fem dom that gets your juices flowing.  You wish and dream of an exotic Mistress that gets inside your brain an consumes you.  You work hard and I know . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial NOW

Mistress Simone is Your Boss

I finished the last part of the Second phase of My fem dom Boss series.  The first series where you can click on the upper right hand side  where it says:  “Hear My voice”.  I discussed how I was going to have to fuck your Boss in order for you to keep . . . → Read More: Mistress Simone is Your Boss

Addicted to Mistress Simone

Greetings and Happiness to ALL MY beloved slaves, sissies and addicted followers.  You are loved and adored back by your busy Mistress.  I will be available tonight Midnight till 10am  Saturday Halloween.

I will not be available after that till Monday very late, possible Tuesday early.  I am going . . . → Read More: Addicted to Mistress Simone