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Queening your face is for my pleasure!

Queening your face!

I really don’t understand why more women do not queen their men.  We are, after all, Goddesses and deserve to be treated as such.   Men seem to always want a woman to give them a blow job.  They have no concept, for the . . . → Read More: Queening

Tis the Season of Queening

‘Tis the Season of Queening , also known as sitting on your face!

Season of Queening!

It was the night before Christmas, and all though the house, hot chocolate was brewing for Mistress, but not for the sissy slave Louse.   Louse was a good slave, and called My favorite cream filled pet. . . . → Read More: Tis the Season of Queening

Queening Masturbation May

Queening you during Masturbation May is FUN!

Your Face = My Chair! 

May, as you know by now, is the best time to masturbate.  I think everyone knows that I love to masturbate.  There is nothing better than touching myself during a call.  I love running my sweet fingers over my nipples and . . . → Read More: Queening Masturbation May

I Love riding your face sweetheart

You Love to Obey Me

It’s a lazy Wednesday for Me today.   I woke up feeling My husband licking My pussy.  That worked for a little while until I got a little bored with his speed and decided to flip over on My tummy.  It’s MUCH better to be riding a man’s . . . → Read More: I Love riding your face sweetheart

Tickling is sadistic torture

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Who ever thinks tickling is not sadistic has never been tortured by it…

Trust Me, there is nothing quite like restraining a man and getting him to beg for it.  I love first sitting on his face and having him worship ME in that manner. . . . → Read More: Tickling is sadistic torture