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Let’s have some Sci Fi Sex

Want to have some Sci Fi sex?

I was just watching the Voyager version of Star Trek and really getting into it.  This episode they meet a Borg ship and are about to be assimilated.  It made Me sort of think of Me in some ways.  My husband says I act a . . . → Read More: Let’s have some Sci Fi Sex

No Cumming ’til December

It’s almost December My sweet pets and I am away until December 2nd.

I have three Thanksgivings to attend this year.   One with My sissy Anthony and his family.  One with Gordon and his family, and of course, one with Mine.   There will be traveling involved and hopefully lots of food.   . . . → Read More: No Cumming ’til December

This Strap-On is Going to Hurt

My strap-on is not going to feel like a delicate flower tickling your bottom.

No, in this fantasy, you will be asking politely for Bitchy Simone. What you will get will be My meanest side. I love when a submissive crawls to Me on all fours. There is a good reason why knee pads . . . → Read More: This Strap-On is Going to Hurt

Tickle Torture the submissive

Why do people Love Tickle Torture?

I’m glad you asked :).   Torture by tickle can be excruciatingly painful to the tickle whore.  The first part of horror is being tied down.  Especially when the submissive knows their inevitable fate of the tickle.   I’ve had men begging to be flogged rather then tickled. . . . → Read More: Tickle Torture the submissive

Teasing You in the Snow

Beg for Simone Sweetheart…

It’s cold outside and this always excites Me. I enjoy the sensation of a cold dark wind against My skin. I push My blond locks from my face while I stare at your shivering body. A smile crosses My face as I observe your cock shivering and twitching from the . . . → Read More: Teasing You in the Snow