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Sweet Sexy Male Lesbian

So, I picked you up at the lesbian bar.  You loved to swing those sweet little thighs My way.  I watched as our eyes locked on each other and I just knew I was taking you home that night.   I absolutely loved when you brushed your firm breasts against Me.   They were not huge, . . . → Read More: Sweet Sexy Male Lesbian

Love Goddess Simone

I love rubbing My body against yours.  You skin is so incredibly soft like you’ve bathed in the silky waters of Babylon.  Last night was incredible.

Thank you.

  What of Babylon and the Lady and the Whore that leaves us breathless..?

Why do we obsess with the . . . → Read More: Love Goddess Simone

Nameless Sissy makes Me breakfast

I woke up this morning and nameless sissy was holding a tray of food and smiling affectionately at Me.  He cooked me a spinach tomato  omelet with a white wine butter sauce drizzled on top.  He was wearing the cutest little pink french maid outfit with candy cane thigh highs.  I enjoyed watching his . . . → Read More: Nameless Sissy makes Me breakfast

How to train a sissy to cuckold

Unnamed sissy strips for Me slowly and I analyze his naked body.  He is a cute skinny boy with a nice large cock.  He places his long hands over his endowment and smiles at Me.   “Oh sweetie, put your hands behind your back and look Me in the eyes when you’re naked for . . . → Read More: How to train a sissy to cuckold

Strip for Me sissy boy

I had an interesting weekend.  I went over to Gordon’s house and one of his friends came over to impress Me.  A skinny little sissy boy wearing a leather jacket, baggy jeans and no shirt walks into the living room and I nearly died.    It sort of surprised me to see him wearing a . . . → Read More: Strip for Me sissy boy