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Teasing neighborhood cocks

Teasing the neighborhood cocks is important for every female!

Teasing Neighborhood Cocks!

As most of you know, I recently purchased a new home.  This is also the reason I’ve been so schedule scattered.   Anybody that has bought a home knows the nightmare of buying, then fixing, then finally moving in.  Well, the . . . → Read More: Teasing neighborhood cocks

Teasing Alice

Teasing Alice, and it’s all her fault.

Teasing Alice is FUN!

How did this happen?  Maybe it was one coffee too many after dancing the night away.  Perhaps, I was just feeling frisky and wanted a little more adventure.  Who knows, but Alice finally wore me down.  Alice and Jizz had been begging . . . → Read More: Teasing Alice

Cockteasing pitiful Peters little cock

Cockteasing Pitiful Peter’s cock is a wonderful amount of fun.

Every Mistress loves to cocktease a man that is not allowed to stroke. Mrs. Peter would not be pleased at all to know that little Peter has a relationship with some Mistresses. Of course, being a succubus, I am prone to laugh at such . . . → Read More: Cockteasing pitiful Peters little cock

No Cumming ’til December

It’s almost December My sweet pets and I am away until December 2nd.

I have three Thanksgivings to attend this year.   One with My sissy Anthony and his family.  One with Gordon and his family, and of course, one with Mine.   There will be traveling involved and hopefully lots of food.   . . . → Read More: No Cumming ’til December

please … Lick Kiss and Suck Me NOW

I need some Serious Body worship.  Know anyone that can give it to Me?

start at My toes and work up

It’s been a challenging Xmas season for your Mistress visiting family and friends and then getting the dreaded flu.  Luckily, it takes more then a little bug to get Me down.  I’m . . . → Read More: please … Lick Kiss and Suck Me NOW