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See something you like?

See something you like? – Sunday

  Schedule?  What’s that?

No, but seriously….

         In the wee hours of the night, I LOVE to be bitchy, humiliating and wicked….

2am – 9am Eastern

Oh hell, I love to be that way all the time!! 🙂

 I just want to play with your cock sweetie….

 Love you,

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause being evil is FUN!)

1 800 601 6975

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14 comments to Schedule

  • Art

    You are wonderful Mistress Simone. Your allowing me to worship and rim you was better than heaven ever could be! Thank you!


  • Empress Simone

    You are most welcome. I love having My body worshiped and being pampered in Every way possible. Did you check out My amazon list yet? Nothing feels better then the Gift of Giving to one’s Mistress 🙂 and You My dearest Art gave to Me with your devotion. Love, Simone

  • Empress Simone

    I love that! thank you!

  • Art

    Hi Ms Simone,
    I saw something on your list I thought you would enjoy. It’s on it’s way.

    Looking forward to the next time. Art

  • Empress Simone

    I saw that someone bought Me something I could do art with. I LOVE to do artwork. 🙂 If that was you then Thank you!!! Love, Simone

  • Art

    Yes, it was.


  • Adam

    Do you love men who are masturbation addicts?

  • Empress Simone

    Aren’t we all :)….

  • I hope you were referring to me being a masturbation addict!

    I wish you would return my message!

    I realize that I require heavy, hard-core therapy to treat me in order to stop my addiction; however, I don’t want to! I wish you are/were sadistic as Hell to ruin me so I can’t function (causing me to lose everything).

  • Chrissy

    Miss my Mistress….when are you coming back?

  • Empress Simone

    Oh I miss you too chrissy! I just got back in town tonight. I’ve been in Vegas painting the town. I hope My chrissy has been keeping up with her vitamins 🙂 and still looking pretty for Me!

  • Chrissy

    Hi Simone!
    Miss talking to ya, hope ur doing fabiloso!

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you My pretty Chrissy!

  • Thomas Adams

    Mistress I’m going too call you please wreak me

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