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Body worship

All Body Worship is fantastic, in my book!

Body Worship is FUN!

First, I’d like to start out with the body worship that entertains my breathtaking ass.   This is a type of body worship that I can really get behind.  Sorry, but I couldn’t help it.   The most intimate type of worship would . . . → Read More: Body worship

Body worship at the gym

Body worship at the gym

I broke down and joined a gym.   I figured it was for the best, given that the Texas heat is really getting to be overwhelmingly hot for a person that rarely goes out in the sun.     I was there last night and was pleasantly surprised . . . → Read More: Body worship at the gym

Sucking the cock for Simone

You know My favorite all time movie comes out this coming week.  Go Team Slytherin! Well I have to cheer for the team that starts with My first name Right?

Hmmmm…. Oh yeah baby, I am on Team EVIL.  That would be any team that is for the concept of You Mr. Straight Man . . . → Read More: Sucking the cock for Simone