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Body Worship Deep Tissue

Body Worship through deep tissue massage is a great way to please your Goddess!

Body Worship!

Though soft touch can be nice and relaxing, there is nothing quite like the joy of giving a firm penetrating deep tissue massage.   It takes a strong man to be able to handle the endurance that . . . → Read More: Body Worship Deep Tissue

Goddess Simone Body Worship

 Goddess Simone body worship cums in many forms.

Goddess Simone Body Worship

I love leg worship.  It is quite delightful to have a man start with my toes while I am wearing a cute little skirt and lick and caress them softly.  I adore running my soft toes over your face while you . . . → Read More: Goddess Simone Body Worship

Happy Kinky Thanksgiving

I had SUCH a fantastic time in Vegas.  The food was absolutely phenomenal and the shows and parties were awesome!!  I ended up bringing My sissy cocksucker, Anthony AND my regular boyfriend, Gordon.   You know I have to say that for My Thanksgiving, I will give thanks for having Three fantastic boyfriends that Love . . . → Read More: Happy Kinky Thanksgiving

Sucking the cock for Simone

You know My favorite all time movie comes out this coming week.  Go Team Slytherin! Well I have to cheer for the team that starts with My first name Right?

Hmmmm…. Oh yeah baby, I am on Team EVIL.  That would be any team that is for the concept of You Mr. Straight Man . . . → Read More: Sucking the cock for Simone

How Simone Collars a pet

I glided My silver medical pinwheel across your back with just enough lubricant to make you nervous.  You dared not speak for fear of displeasing Me.   I could feel your fear which greatly pleased Me so I rewarded you by gliding My tongue over your neck and gently nibbling on your tender ear.

“Allow . . . → Read More: How Simone Collars a pet