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Cuckold Demon Mistress

Do you know what I Love MORE then a good Big stiff cock between My legs?

I knew that would get your attention.  I know how you mind works.  You get a little stiff just reading My blog.  You long to hear My words.  It makes your hard stillness drip with envy.  You want . . . → Read More: Cuckold Demon Mistress

Sexual Satisfaction is in groups!

Yesterday your femdom went to a munch followed by Saturday night 12/9, I’ll be going to a kinky party.   A munch is an informal get together in a kinky group where new people are screened.  Basically it’s sort of a meet and greet.   I’m telling you about it because I know I’ll be logging . . . → Read More: Sexual Satisfaction is in groups!

Lesbians fucking party

Last night I went to one of My fetish parties.  (which is why I wasn’t available..)  I was quite exhausted afterwards and passed out when I got home.   Sorry boys, I didn’t think I would be so tired.

It was one of the best fetish parties I’ve been in a while.  I met . . . → Read More: Lesbians fucking party

Cucking the sissy

This is dedicated to one of My favorite sissies….. Thank you Gigi 😉….

We both know how much you love to worship Me.  I’m the fem dom that you just can’t get out of your mind. My voice haunts you and you desire madly to please Me in every way . . . → Read More: Cucking the sissy

Psychology of the slave

In earlier times, Royalty had their slaves..

The slave would service the royal Princess or Queen with his tongue.  He lacked balls, so the king never had to worry about him holding an erection or impregnating his bride.  Only the King could fuck his beautiful Goddess..

The slave was in MANY ways . . . → Read More: Psychology of the slave