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Suck it Cock Sucker

 Cock sucker sissy loved her frilly panties.

Suck it Cock Sucker!

Sissy cock sucker  would practically skip to work so she could go to her locked office, where she would open up her bottom locked drawer and pull out her favorite butt plug, lube and satin panties.   She always got super excited when . . . → Read More: Suck it Cock Sucker

Cocksucker Jane gets a surprise

I hope you enjoy my fun little story about Jane cocksucker.

Jane cocksucker was the best little cocksucker ever created.  There was no cock that she could not suck.  Well, maybe only in Jane’s mind.  She was the queen of the suction cup dildo.  She could bend over on that dildo and wiggle that . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Jane gets a surprise

Closeted Cocksucker Confession

Can you see where My fingers are…?

Hear this Blog Now!

We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled night demon incubus soap opera to discuss my second favorite thing in the whole world…..

Confessions of a kinky cocksucker. Dear Ms. Simone,

I am a cocksucker, I have been since college. . . . → Read More: Closeted Cocksucker Confession

Reasons for phone sex roleplay

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

Hear Me Read it!

Jessica turned the tape recorder off.  She loved listening to old recordings of her little podcast.    She recalled the time she had Joe on the show, and how he hadn’t wanted to think of himself as gay, and yet went on . . . → Read More: Reasons for phone sex roleplay

After sex breakfast

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Chapter 12  Hear Me Read it!

The next morning Jason woke up before Emily.   He slid quietly out of bed and hurried to the kitchen to make her breakfast.   The night before was exciting like he never could have imagined.   Emily used . . . → Read More: After sex breakfast