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Cock sucking Dancing Queen

Are you a Cock sucking Dancing Queen?

Cock sucking Dancing Queen

One thing I absolutely love doing is going out dancing.  I love feeling the beat and swinging my hips to the bass.   It feels really good to pop my butt out and watch men lose control as I wiggle my ass down.  . . . → Read More: Cock sucking Dancing Queen

Sissy Julie cocksucker Pt 3

Are you a sissy Julie cocksucker?

In the third part of the Sissy Julie cocksucker story, she has to decide if she wants to keep her new vagina by allowing me to penetrate her with my strap on, or if she would rather return to being a male, but be turned permanently gay.   . . . → Read More: Sissy Julie cocksucker Pt 3

Jason’s first adult store visit

I need lots of guys to be happy!

Chapter 3 Hear it Now!

The adult store was dimly lit and huge.  There was a girl at the front desk with a nose ring  pink hair and purple lipstick.   She wore torn up jeans and a tee shirt but you could still tell . . . → Read More: Jason’s first adult store visit

David proposes to Michelle

I love to watch you suck it!

Listen to Me Read it Here!

There are many Michelle’s in the world of LDW land.  My first Michelle is one that actually shares quite a bit with the second.   She is absolutely in love with a beautiful man named David.     So let’s . . . → Read More: David proposes to Michelle

Michelle’s Sucking Assignment

Listen to Me read it Here!

Michelle is a guy that dresses like a girl.  Nobody knows her sweet little secret except for ME!  (and now you, but you won’t tell anyone….)  She loves to wear her pretty wig, camisole, and heels.   She admitted to Me that no one knows her dirty . . . → Read More: Michelle’s Sucking Assignment