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Cuckold part 2

Love and Obey Mistress Simone

This is how I look waking up after a great night.

There is nothing like being with a new man, except waking up in the morning slightly dazed.   I love when a man is down between My legs licking Me.  It doesn’t hurt of course if My . . . → Read More: Cuckold part 2

Outdoor Party Tease

Happy Halloween boys…

Check out Ms. Constance for a spooky good time for Halloween.  I’ll be out with Gordon.  He’s taking Me to a hotel to treat Me Just like a lady… or a whore, not quite sure yet but it will be spooky awesome…. :p  Details later, but for now…

IF . . . → Read More: Outdoor Party Tease

Strip for Me sissy boy

I had an interesting weekend.  I went over to Gordon’s house and one of his friends came over to impress Me.  A skinny little sissy boy wearing a leather jacket, baggy jeans and no shirt walks into the living room and I nearly died.    It sort of surprised me to see him wearing a . . . → Read More: Strip for Me sissy boy

Audition to cocksuck

Do you Really think you could have this Collin Cocksucker.  I mean do you Actually think I would allow your little penis near My beautiful pussy?

Take a good look at it!

Imagine your cute little nose sniffing My panties!

Imagine if you would how good it would feel to slide into Me.

Well . . . → Read More: Audition to cocksuck

Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men

Special thanks to All My loyal pets….

First of all, I feel very blessed that My white sissy cuck has bought Me all the extravagant presents off My amazon list.  Thank you for supplying My boyfriends with condoms, underwear and toys for Myself. Next I always want to thank Mr. A for your . . . → Read More: Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men