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Love Goddess Simone

I love rubbing My body against yours.  You skin is so incredibly soft like you’ve bathed in the silky waters of Babylon.  Last night was incredible.

Thank you.

  What of Babylon and the Lady and the Whore that leaves us breathless..?

Why do we obsess with the . . . → Read More: Love Goddess Simone

Female Supremacy

Simone’s Brand of Female Supremacy…

Hello Cum Eater,

I’m glad you are here kneeling before Me.  It’s nice to have such an obedient boy before Me completely naked and kneeling.  It excites Me to have someone of your status and job title naked and in such a submissive role.

You boss people around all . . . → Read More: Female Supremacy

Worship My Breasts sissy boy

Do you like what   you see sissy boy?   I figure if I’m going to show off My breasts for the first time I should do it full scale.  I’ve been chatting about this on the enchantrix social network debating if I should show them off or not.  I decided that I would . . . → Read More: Worship My Breasts sissy boy

Strap on Hunting

The newest vampire series came out that I’ve been obsessively watching regarding Sookie.  I can’t believe with as much as I love Gothic, underworld,  twilight stuff that I missed this series.   So I am on disk one of season 2 and completely hooked.  It made me think when I see these primal hunters of . . . → Read More: Strap on Hunting

Worship My body slave

I love a man that understands the concept of body worship.   It’s not Just about cock control so much as submission to Me.  You understand that I May be hard and strict but I am also soft and sensual.  I tease you only as My way of showing you how much I care and . . . → Read More: Worship My body slave