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Jerking off Janet humiliation

Jerking off  humiliation is pretty boring without help.

Jerking off Humiliaton

You know you love humiliation. All you have is your sad, pathetic hand for help.  You might as well call your hand Janet, because she just jerks you off when you are not getting laid.  Janet is always there for you and . . . → Read More: Jerking off Janet humiliation

Humiliation Little Kirk 2

Humiliation of Little Kirk just does not end.

Little Kirk Humiliation! 

First off, little Kirk saw the blog post and insisted that he had a massive seven inch cock.  He was not little Kirk, but Big Kirk.  I smirked at him, and told him that I had seen a picture of him and . . . → Read More: Humiliation Little Kirk 2

Cuckold Amusement Park

Cuckold Amusement Park!

Imagine a world where a lady could buy a ticket to a Cuckold Amusement Park

It would be a great thing, both for the cuckold and the wonderful lady doing the cucking.   Any lady can buy a ticket to this wonderful park,  but there would be a . . . → Read More: Cuckold Amusement Park

AAA Mike’s floppy dick humiliation

Mr. floppy dick, otherwise known as AAA Mike, loves humiliation.   This is his confession.  

One day AAA mike, named after his cock being the size of a battery, found a dungeon online.  His little small floppy dick twitched twice, so he knew this was definitely the place for him to have some . . . → Read More: AAA Mike’s floppy dick humiliation

AAA Mike Humiliation Confessional

The confessional of AAA mike and his tiny little cock.

AAA Mike was feeling a bit horny a few weeks ago, he confessed to me last night.   His humiliating confession started once again with the fact that he was so damn small.  His cock was the size of a AAA battery.  Now, I . . . → Read More: AAA Mike Humiliation Confessional