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Be My CBT Prey

CBT is such a great joy for Me when you are My prey!

CBT, Be My Prey!

There is nothing quite like the squeak of pain when I hear you hit your balls for me. Yes, I would rather be there hitting them myself, but hearing you scream on the phone is just . . . → Read More: Be My CBT Prey

AAA Mike Humiliation Confessional

The confessional of AAA mike and his tiny little cock.

AAA Mike was feeling a bit horny a few weeks ago, he confessed to me last night.   His humiliating confession started once again with the fact that he was so damn small.  His cock was the size of a AAA battery.  Now, I . . . → Read More: AAA Mike Humiliation Confessional

Embrace your inner demon

At heart I’m a Succubus

Give into your Darkness!

The wind moves over My large, beautiful breasts when I enter your bedroom.   I prefer being topless when I enter your room.  I stand in the doorway watching you sleep peacefully.   I breathe in the air and taste your scent on My . . . → Read More: Embrace your inner demon

The Journey of the little dick man

You Call That a cock?

I enjoy being bitchy.  It brings Me a great deal of joy to laugh at My clients.   Tonight, I’m in a Mean Mistress sort of mood. I love laughing at itsy, bitsy, tiny little penises.  The only saving grace for these pathetic losers  is that they know . . . → Read More: The Journey of the little dick man

Time to Flog Gordon

Sometimes You Just have to Flog the Alpha

Gordon is the Alpha male in our household.  Even though he’s obviously got a nice thick cock, he still needs to be flogged.  It’s not even because he was bad or disobedient.  He needs to be spanked because I truly LOVE spanking men.  I love spanking . . . → Read More: Time to Flog Gordon