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November LDW Treat

There’s no tricks and only a big November LDW Treat! The first week of November, get free five minutes from the featured Mistress! What’s better than free phone sex?  Well, maybe a nice case of blue balls, but we can help you out with That too!!    Or, maybe we will just tease the . . . → Read More: November LDW Treat

Beg to Feel the Pain

It’s hard belonging to a Fem Dom such as Myself. 

You know I have such high expectations for You to serve Me.  It can be so miserable at times being locked in Hell only to please and cater to My sadistic whims.  It’s not enough for Me to tease you to tears but to . . . → Read More: Beg to Feel the Pain

Seduced Cock Sucking

Before we get to the strap-on training, first you have to prove to Me that you are worthy as My slave.  What this means to Me is you need to get on your knees and learn cock sucking.

I know you are really a straight boy.  I also understand that the idea of putting . . . → Read More: Seduced Cock Sucking

lucid sexual dream

Well your Mistress is getting over a stomach bug which definitely took the joy out of My weekend as far as actual sex.  I did however enjoy nice long foot rubs though and my body was definitely worshiped which I always enjoy!   While I slept, which was most of the weekend, I had the most . . . → Read More: Lucid Sexual Dream

Dedicated to the Sissies everywhere

It was an awesome 4th of July this weekend.  Your Mistress went to a gay club with  My cocksucking sissy and we danced the night away.   I love looking at attractive men pumping and grinding against each other in the dark.  I can feel and feed on their sexual energy and take it into . . . → Read More: Dedicated to the Sissies everywhere