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Orgasm Denial Spell

I know how you sit there in your comfy chair fantasizing about cumming.  I understand that you are searching and aching for a fem dom that gets your juices flowing.  You wish and dream of an exotic Mistress that gets inside your brain an consumes you.  You work hard and I know . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial NOW

Sexual Orgasmic Poetry

This is Dedicated to Mistress Olivia who mentioned that My blog is like pretty poetry!!

Your body hung limp from the leather X. I ran my long fingernails through your hair and kissed you softly on your wet rosy lips.  Your breasts were still erect and . . . → Read More: Sexual Orgasmic Poetry

Sensual Feminine Domination

I am a sensual Fem Dom. What this means is that I typically do not scream and yell.  I do Laugh OFTEN during calls.  I laugh every time I have a beautiful orgasm.  I also laugh every time a man tells me the size of his little pecker.

My body is made to be . . . → Read More: Sensual Feminine Domination

Orgasm & Worship.

I absolutely adore being worshiped by a man.  Well, really I would say what woman doesn’t enjoy a man in panties on his knees and ready to serve?  One of My clients, He’s Such a Pussy, (giggles softly)

Loves to worship My ass.

I love feeling his soft lips on . . . → Read More: Orgasm & Worship.

Simone’s dungeon of Torture…

Great night of phone sex.  I had one guy get me off three times in ONE call.   The next caller showed me a way to cum using My vibrator in a way I had never done. I turned it around and took the tip and used it like an inverted question mark pushing it . . . → Read More: Simone’s dungeon of Torture…