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Hide a cock sex change

Let’s play the fun game of “Hide a cock sex change!”

I mean do you REALLY need a cock at all?  Let’s do a role play together where we give you a sex change!  I will just

Sex change time!

run my beautiful nails over your mini cock and then snap my fingers . . . → Read More: Hide a cock sex change

Simone’s Idea of a threesome

We are in bed together and it’s just the Three of us..

Are you surprised that you are in bed with another man?  Of course, when I mentioned a threesome at the dance club, you became extremely excited.  You thought it entailed another woman.   You had been watching Me dance all night long.  You . . . → Read More: Simone’s Idea of a threesome

Humiliation of Ms. Sirena

I had fun tonight boys. I enjoyed penetrating the blog of Ms. Sirena. I decided to take her caged male slave and make him mine. He is so adorable eating his meal out of dog bowl on the floor at My feet. He is also doing an excellent job of licking the bowl clean . . . → Read More: Humiliation of Ms. Sirena