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Sissy cock sucking

Ann plans on doing some sissy cock sucking tonight!

Sissy Cock Sucking!

You see,  a couple of my friends, Shellie and AJ, are coming over for dinner tonight.  AJ is a well hung black man who just loves blow jobs.   I plan on surprising AJ with my crossing dressing, live in sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy cock sucking

Sissy Elves Sucking Santa

Sissy Elves sucking Santa Claus is a secret holiday tradition.

Sissies Sucking Santa!

Everyone loves traditions, but no one loves them more than the dedicated sissy elves.  This is why, every year, the sissies prep Santa’s sleigh.   They make sure after all the toys are made to sissy quality standards that they . . . → Read More: Sissy Elves Sucking Santa

Two bit sissy whore

Are you a two bit sissy whore?

You are My sissy whore!

You know that you are a two bit sissy whore when you crave cock all the time. You go to the grocery store, and instead of looking at the produce, you look at the men shopping the produce. You dream of . . . → Read More: Two bit sissy whore

Dick sucking Sissy Brook loves Jizz

Sissy Brook is a dick sucking Jizz Lover.

Dick sucking Jizz lover?

I hope you enjoy your fairy tale, Sissy Brook!

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, lived a little Sissy girl named Brook.  She always wore her pretty frilly pink panties underneath her elaborate lacy dresses.   She skipped through . . . → Read More: Dick sucking Sissy Brook loves Jizz

Sissy Julie cocksucker Pt 3

Are you a sissy Julie cocksucker?

In the third part of the Sissy Julie cocksucker story, she has to decide if she wants to keep her new vagina by allowing me to penetrate her with my strap on, or if she would rather return to being a male, but be turned permanently gay.   . . . → Read More: Sissy Julie cocksucker Pt 3