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SPH Pride

Is it possible for a little cock man to have SPH Pride? Why YES IT IS!

SPH Pride!

Anthony is my little-dicked man that I enjoy showing off to my personal friends.  I love when I have friends over to the house, and I have him whip out his little cock.   Every . . . → Read More: SPH Pride

SPH Elbow Sex

SPH and Elbow sex seem to  go hand and hand.


Nothing seems to be more fun than small penis humiliation to me.   Everyone loves to make fun of and giggle at a tiny mini pecker.    Last night my husband was spooning me, when he took his finger and . . . → Read More: SPH Elbow Sex

Small Penis Humiliation Measuring Booth

Small Penis Humiliation is wonderful at my Amusement Park.

Small Penis Humiliation!!!

Imagine a kinky amusement park full of wonderful LDW Mistresses such as myself.   At the entrance of the amusement park I would sit in my beautiful black teddy and thigh highs with my measuring tape in hand.   I would . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Measuring Booth

Throwback Weekend is HERE

 Happy Anniversary LDW!

It’s a Rewind Weekend! Continuing our month-long LDW Anniversary Celebration, we will be rewinding prices on all sessions this weekend and offering a discounted rate on all calls.

Call on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th, give the dispatcher the Promo Code “Rewind” and your call will be billed . . . → Read More: Throwback Weekend is HERE

Worlds smallest perverted cock award: AAA mike

(drumroll)….and the world’s smallest perverted cock award goes to AAA mike!!

Can you see where My fingers are…?

Now, you might ask:  “Simone, why do you call little mike AAA?”

Well, first and foremost, let me state that Ms. Alexis was very kind to introduce me to this little pervert.

Little mike is . . . → Read More: Worlds smallest perverted cock award: AAA mike