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Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliating Little Kirk is fun for Me!

Humiliation of little kirk

Little Kirk has a problem with his tiny, mini sized cock.   He gets a wet spot of pre cum on his underwear when he is near a hot woman.  Poor little Kirk does try hard to please women.  He loves getting . . . → Read More: Humiliation of Little Kirk

Cock and Ball torture is FUN

See something you like?

Poor Jonathan was dangling from My St. Andrew’s Cross looking beaten.   (Pun intended….)   His eyes were downcast and he was weeping quietly.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, for not making your breakfast correctly.  I didn’t mean to burn your omelet!” “It’s not the fact that you burned My . . . → Read More: Cock and Ball torture is FUN

Roleplay with Mistress Simone

I’m a dark little sex kitten!

It’s a new day, so what shall I discuss.   Hmmmm, it’s sort of like asking Me what is My specialty.  I have so many so it’s really more of what type of mood am I in right now.   At the moment, I’m in strict Mistress . . . → Read More: Roleplay with Mistress Simone

Tickling is sadistic torture

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Who ever thinks tickling is not sadistic has never been tortured by it…

Trust Me, there is nothing quite like restraining a man and getting him to beg for it.  I love first sitting on his face and having him worship ME in that manner. . . . → Read More: Tickling is sadistic torture

Bend over for My cock

Your Face should be Kissing the boot..

I’m waiting for you to pull up and park the car. I’m dressed in My thigh highs and My black boots. I’m armed with My navy blue strap on. It’s the big one that you have not yet met. I had a really good time going . . . → Read More: Bend over for My cock