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little cock executive in a bar

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

You swallow hard as your newest muscular friend buys you drinks.  You start to wonder if this would have worked for females.  Perhaps, the females would not have noticed your little penis if they were drunk.  You remove that thought from your head when . . . → Read More: little cock executive in a bar

Simone’s Idea of a threesome

We are in bed together and it’s just the Three of us..

Are you surprised that you are in bed with another man?  Of course, when I mentioned a threesome at the dance club, you became extremely excited.  You thought it entailed another woman.   You had been watching Me dance all night long.  You . . . → Read More: Simone’s Idea of a threesome

I ordered a big black cock

Surprise Update 🙂  Out of town until May 29 visiting New Orleans for My upcoming birthday June 4th!!!!

Gordon and I will have an incredible time taking in the sights of the Big easy.   I can’t wait to tell you about some of the details when I get back.  Don’t worry, I’ll try . . . → Read More: I ordered a big black cock

Happy Kinky Thanksgiving

I had SUCH a fantastic time in Vegas.  The food was absolutely phenomenal and the shows and parties were awesome!!  I ended up bringing My sissy cocksucker, Anthony AND my regular boyfriend, Gordon.   You know I have to say that for My Thanksgiving, I will give thanks for having Three fantastic boyfriends that Love . . . → Read More: Happy Kinky Thanksgiving

Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men

Special thanks to All My loyal pets….

First of all, I feel very blessed that My white sissy cuck has bought Me all the extravagant presents off My amazon list.  Thank you for supplying My boyfriends with condoms, underwear and toys for Myself. Next I always want to thank Mr. A for your . . . → Read More: Princess Simone Loves Cuckold Men