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Reasons for phone sex roleplay

Suck the cock, Suck ALL of them!

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Jessica turned the tape recorder off.  She loved listening to old recordings of her little podcast.    She recalled the time she had Joe on the show, and how he hadn’t wanted to think of himself as gay, and yet went on . . . → Read More: Reasons for phone sex roleplay

Jason’s cocksucking secret

I need lots of guys to be happy!

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Jason was a manly man.  He drove an American brand of pick up truck and lived in Dallas, Texas.  He went to a Texas state college and graduated with a good enough average to get a decent job when he graduated.  Jason . . . → Read More: Jason’s cocksucking secret

Michelle sucks all the cocks

Listen to Me read it Here! Secret cocksucking Agent Michelle walked into the dark, smokey bar.

She was dressed to the hilt, wearing her amazing pastel pink metallic sequin gown.  It was floor length but had a slit high enough to show her black garter when she moved.  She wanted all the men . . . → Read More: Michelle sucks all the cocks

little cock executive sucks it

You are all alone in a strange man’s house.

See something you like?

It’s a large two story house.  Apparently, this guy is not just a muscular idiot.  He seems to also be an executive.  He turns on some music.   You sit down on the leather couch and get more comfortable.  He . . . → Read More: little cock executive sucks it

Suck a Cock for My Birthday

It’s My birthday today!

My husband, My sissy anthony, and My husband’s submissive brian,  started early today.   They bought me a coconut cake and sang happy birthday to Me at midnight.  (Obviously, they did not bake the cake. LOL)    I got some new bras and panties.  Of course, you can’t have too . . . → Read More: Suck a Cock for My Birthday