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Teased Bondage

There is nothing better than a big black man in teased bondage.

Teased in bondage!

Tyrone laid on my bed with simple little under-the-bed restraints tied to his ankles and wrists.   It pleased me when I  watched as his huge cock twitched.   I pulled out a feather and ran it up and down . . . → Read More: Teased Bondage

Teasing neighborhood cocks

Teasing the neighborhood cocks is important for every female!

Teasing Neighborhood Cocks!

As most of you know, I recently purchased a new home.  This is also the reason I’ve been so schedule scattered.   Anybody that has bought a home knows the nightmare of buying, then fixing, then finally moving in.  Well, the . . . → Read More: Teasing neighborhood cocks

Sexual Games Part I

Being a Cuckold Mistress means that sometimes I just have to leave suddenly to meet My lover.

My black lover calls Me late Sunday night to tease Me mercilessly about his big cock over the phone.  He states over and over how he has never met a woman he wanted to lick from head . . . → Read More: Sexual Games Part I

Edwards cock and ball torture

You move past the pain and that sensation is something of an epiphany when you realize that you can do this incredible feat.  You hold on to the wooden X with both hands.  You now start to sweat from your nervousness of the upcoming blow.  It’s the waiting that drives you most crazy.  You . . . → Read More: Edwards cock and ball torture